Mittwoch, März 10, 2021

Business as usual? Same same but different.

I really love doing business portraits. They often look similar but you have to consider the details. As a photographer I am always in charge of creating the best result for my clients. Well, the client pays for that promise and definitely expects highest output.

Here are some examples of images I did for Braun & Westenberger Immobilienbewertung, located in Frankfurt.

I still like that old-fashioned white or monochromatic cardboard background. The character of your model seemingly turns out stronger and the concentration on each face makes the picture even more interesting - and in some cases indeed mysterious.

Special thanks to Nannette Römer of graurot postproduction, Hamburg.

Montag, März 08, 2021

Photographers - a personal project on colleagues

In 2019 I started a personal project on portraying my fellow photographers, all members of BFF Germany. This is really going to turn out as a long term project hopefully, with the side effect of getting to know all of the members of the BFF personally. Let´s wait and see. Great fun anyway. 

To be continued.


Götz Schleser
Götz Schleser, Berlin

Jens Oellermann, Berlin

Darius Ramazani, Berlin

Klaus Mellenthin, Berlin

Jens Görlich, Frankfurt

Hendrik Lüders, Hamburg

Katja Ruge, Hamburg

Florian W. Müller, Köln

Alexandra Lechner, Frankfurt

Stefan Hobmaier, München

Rui Camilo, Frankfurt

Bernd Opitz, Hamburg

Fiene Wollstadt, Berlin

Robert Garo, Frankfurt

It's been a while. Welcome 2021. Let´s face new opportunities.


 Well then, the year 2020 has not been very friendly to the most of us. Let´s forget about that. There were difficult months of not knowing exactly where this road might lead us and if some of us might overcome this time at all. Anyway, 2020 didn't end up too bad for me and I could actually gain new clients.

Here's a quick sample and some shots for KGS Software GmbH ,an IT company located in the Frankfurt/Main area. The images were photographed in September 2020 at the clients' location and considering highest hygienic issues. 

Classical business photography for an amazing new client and with a fantastic supporting team.

Special thanks to Nannette Römer of graurot postproduction, Hamburg.