Montag, April 12, 2021

Joachim Rehkämper for VAPIANO

I know the Vapiano story is not the very best to tell. Anyway, I would rather like to talk about this picture. I was asked by a Hamburg based advertising agency to do these images in Cologne. They asked me because I had been recommended to them by my dear friend and blogger Beate Finken. I will get back to that story in one of my upcoming posts. 

They checked my portfolio and fortunately seemed to like my way of doing portraits and then finally booked me. Yet I wasn´t sure what to expect in Cologne me and my assistant packed the car with almost every kind of equipment I could probably be using on location. When we arrived at the spot we had a short briefing with the artdirector and I asked him for his idea how the images should look like. He smiled and replied that he booked me for my ideas. Alright, I told my assistant to get the black background cloth out of the car. The rest of the stuff remained unpacked. I used the huge window in my back as a main light. That´s it. I love those jobs when really everyone is happy. I drove home with a grin on my face. My assistant fell asleep immediately from dealing with heavy equipment.

Joachim Rehkämper, Vice President Vapiano