Freitag, April 23, 2021

The story behind the story

As I mentioned before I would like to give you a short impression on how social networking definitely can work. 

I got to know Beate Finken a couple of years ago when I stumbled over her very inspiring and style-defining blog BeFifty where she talks about fashion, beauty and travels. This blog specially addresses to the 40+ women. Beate is a very heartwarming person and she really loves what she is doing. Check her portfolio on and give her a big thumb.

I was talking about that agency from Hamburg that booked me for that Vapiano production in Cologne and the art director who coincidentally is a good friend of Beate. You will probably know what´s coming up now but it´s different. I got a phone call from the AD and he told me that Beate sent him a picture of a company manager I took a few years ago which she liked very much and that she had recommended me and my work to the agency.

The AD revealed that he actually kept the picture for 3 years on his desktop (and this is what makes the story really amazing) and always waited for a client request and a chance to work with me whenever a similar idea for a portrait would emerge. wow, what a praise!

Thanks again for that Beate and let´s keep networking.

For further information on Beate´s articles, click here:

Image on the left side, image on the right side.

All images courtesy of Quirin Siegert